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Arriving in the US, aviation paradise!

After a last morning swim in the lovely blue sea of Sosúa (Puerto Plata), we left for what was going to be our third flight over water....

4 days in Martinique

I am writing this post in the studio apartment we rented in Detroit, looking at the 2300 meter long Ambassador bridge to Canada through...

Sad news reached us in Belem

On Monday morning March 8th, on our way to the airport, we heard that Carolina Madero de Allende had passed away after a brave fight...

Teresina, the warmest city in Brazil

After Brasilia, the plan was to fly over the famous Lençoís Maranhenses near São Luis on the North East Coast of Brazil and continue to...

Technicalities behind our sudden departure

My message on Thursday was very quick, so I’d like to take a few steps back in this post -which I am writing in the air between Brasilia...

Walk, run or drive to the beach?

We are still at our beach house, and now that the truck is fixed (applause!!), the main decision we need to make every day is “shall we...

New Year's dive

In my post yesterday, I mentioned my Dutch genes did not perform well at high altitude (4000m is my current limit). They work better in...

Preparing for the New Year

Today is the last day of 2020, so naturally, I think about my main wish for 2021 which is to TRAVEL and see everyone again. As our...

Enjoying the XXL weekend

Argentina is in the middle of a 4 day weekend, also know as the XXL (or even XXXL!) weekend. Tuesday December 8th is a public holiday...

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