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Checking off the list: House sold - last Christmas here!

So after a lot of to and fro, it looks like we finally sold the house! It was quite an adventure because we got an offer in October which fell through because the buyer did not sell his apartment which was a condition to be able to buy our house. Then he came back towards the end of November with a new offer which was unconvincing, especially since it was so close to our departure date, so we refused. But it looks like they really wanted the house because they upped it and we recently received the "earnest money" which of course makes it earnest :) They are a family with 3 young daughters, and really looking forward to having more space and a garden, especially in light of the possible 2nd Covid wave in Argentina. They might even keep our dogs!

All of a sudden, I am making lists of furniture to donate or sell and marking the few objects- mostly art- we really want to keep. Of course, Carmen has first choice for her apartment but after that most of it must go. That's what we decided when we had the crazy idea to keep only 100 things each.

So if you need anything, let me know now and you can come pick it up in the second half of March, before the new owners move in.

In the mean time, we are hosting our Argentine family for Christmas, in the garden (weather report looks good!) with restaurant style distancing of tables and special rules for the buffet. Even our Nativity Scene has social distancing, as a reminder:

And speaking of Nativity scenes, I just have to share this joke:

This will be our last Christmas in this house and I am not sure where exactly we will be next year, so maybe we will celebrate Christmas in the cold in 2021. In my mind, Christmas with cold and snow is the way it should be and I have never really gotten used to Christmas in the heat, eating in the garden, jumping in the pool right before or after and Santa Claus in shorts. I mean: does this look right to you??

But then even in the cold side of the world, it looks like this year will be very different with lock-downs, curfews and small reunions. Wherever you are, I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas.

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