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Double penalty

I wasn't going to post anything today but due to meteorological conditions, my plans were thwarted which gives me two pieces of frustrating news to write about.

1) Yesterday evening the President announced that lock-down in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area would be extended another 21 days until June 28th, thus reaching a total of 101 days (Champions of the world?!)

2) After quite a lot of bureaucratic efforts, we had finally secured the authorization to fly today for the purpose of pilot re-training, but it is too cloudy to go :(

Regarding the lock-down, fortunately they are announcing increased flexibility for economic activity (I so hope the hairdressers will open!) but the situation in the poorer neighborhoods is still preoccupying. There are about 600 deaths to date across Argentina but it could still easily get out of control due to living conditions in those areas. The overall management does seem to be moving generally in the right direction though: there are entire provinces where the virus is not progressing and which are already "unlocked", and in our highly populated urban area, they are testing more and more to make more targeted decisions. However, there is a lot of media concern about the fact that the justice system is only handling emergency cases which include the corruption cases of the members of the governing party and typically lead to dropped charges... Also, I can't help thinking about the total (preventive) focus of the overall health system on Covid-19, meaning that any other treatments and programs are interrupted. Just read that in Africa, 140 children could die for each Covid-19 death averted due to problems with the vaccine programs. Argentina is far from Africa but still...

Regarding the flight training, now that it has been authorized, we should be able to postpone it till tomorrow or later, when weather improves. So really the bad weather is just a luxury-problem but I did get up early for nothing, am wearing my good-luck-underwear for nothing and don't really know what to do today because the house is super clean - I even removed the dust from the top of the boiler in the laundry room this week-, all the papers are sorted and organized and I exercised yesterday evening instead of today. Alex did do his Friday routine this morning, and from the sound of it, I believe he put extra effort in his punching.

Since it is really cloudy and there might even be some rain this afternoon, I think I'll just start the next Nobel prize winner book on my list*, A fringe of leaves by the Australian Patrick White, and feel proud about my Aviation decision making skills.

*More about my Nobel list in an upcoming post

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