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It's National Flower day today!

I had absolutely no idea yesterday, when I wrote about raining trees that today was National Flower day in Argentina! And this deserves a little extra information about trees for you.

This morning at 8 am, I was running slowly in the park next to the river and stopped to take a picture of this beautiful Jacaranda (which is NOT the national flower).

There are whole avenues lined with Jacarandas, which are so wonderful that they make you forget the bad driving! (below are a few pictures from the internet that illustrate well)

Avenida 9 de julio, the main avenue of the city (with some kind of strange color filter, but you get the idea!)

A few minutes after capturing the Jacaranda, I spotted a Ceibo (the tree of Argentina's national flower) and thought it would be nice to write about that (again?) someday, so I took a few more pictures for you. When I got home, I found out it was National Flower day and sat right down to write this post.

The majestic Ceibo:

and its unusual (national) flowers:

The reason why I sat right down is because last time there was an interesting "Day" to write about I missed the window of opportunity. That was on October 11th when I found out that a) it was International Dulce de Leche day and b) Argentines have the highest per capita consumption of it in the whole world: 3.1kg, the second country being Uruguay with around 2kg.

Aren't you happy to learn all this?

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