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July 20th, Dia del Amigo in Argentina

Today is the "Dia del Amigo" here.

Actually, Argentina has a day for everything: teachers day, students day, architect day, writers day, veterinarian day, dentist day, children's day, grandparents day, lawyer day, immigrant day, secretary day, bus drivers day, bakers day, psychologist day, housewife day, bank employee day, bookstore day, tango day... you name it, they have it! There is always something to celebrate.And today it's friends which of course is very important. People go out with their group of friends, send each other messages, it's like Valentine's day but for friends. And since we are still in lock-down, the government is really worried about social distancing today and there are many special warnings in the media.

Yes, we are still on lock-down but some things are slowly re-opening... hairdressers should reopen on July 27th, finally!! Some activities are allowed only on specific days: if your Identity Document ends with an even number, you are allowed out on even days, and if it ends with an uneven number, you can enjoy new activities on uneven days. Unfortunately Alex is uneven and I am even, so we won't be able to go out at the same time.... But that's OK, we have been spending a lot of time together lately, which is actually another good practice for our trip around the world during which we might be around each other more than we would like... this way we got a head start, thank you Covid 19...

Happy "Dia del Amigo" to you all, wherever you are

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