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Lock down surprise

Surpise! Despite lock down and economic crisis, my second -mostly autobiographical- book has been accepted by Letras del Sur, contract signed yesterday. Quite a cool publisher name for a girl from the North:) If nothing strange happens, "Raíces portátiles" (= Portable roots, temporary title) should be out by December, in Spanish (am also planning an English version at some point). It's the story of a little girl who moves a lot, a mixture of travel journal (seen through the eyes of a child) and coming of age novel, set in contemporary history. It features some of my favorite foods like poffertjes from Holland, croissants aux amandes from France; memorable anecdotes like the day I lost my princess wig in kindergarten, or when we bought live lobsters at the market in Warsaw that started walking all over the kitchen floor, or when I heard the beautiful song Alfonsina y el mar for the first time in Mexico without knowing at the time that it was from Argentina....

Now that I will soon be traveling the world again, I see my childhood experience as "trip #1" and the next one as "trip #2"!

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3 comentários

17 de jul. de 2020

Félicitation chère Martine. Bien d'autres bonnes choses avec courage!!

J'ai essayé de traduire et comprendre. ALLO! bravooooo!!!


15 de jul. de 2020

Toutes mes félicitations !! Tu le mérites, la bonne étoile toujours à tes côtés...ya la persévérance aussi 😂😂. J’attends évidemment avec impatience la version anglaise


15 de jul. de 2020

Félicitations ! J.’espère que tu avais du champagne importė pour fêter ça. Sinon, chocolat et churros 😂😂😂. J’attends avec impatience la version anglaise.

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