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New Year's dive

In my post yesterday, I mentioned my Dutch genes did not perform well at high altitude (4000m is my current limit). They work better in the water and I have therefore honored a Dutch tradition this morning: The New Year's Dive. Every year in the Netherlands, thousands of people jump into the North sea on January 1st, in water that averages 10 degrees Celsius.

No wet suits, just orange hats and gloves!

My mother Lyda is typically one of them, although she does not do the hat and gloves. She is more special however: not only does she jump into the North sea on January 1st, she does so almost every day of the year!

This morning's organized events were cancelled due to the lockdown in the Netherlands but many people continued the tradition with their private group. And so have I, even though you could argue that jumping in 27 degrees C water does not really count, even if you're wearing an orange hat.... what do you think?

Happy New Year!

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