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New Year's dive 2 and correction about orange hats

I am so happy that it's 2021, I can't stop writing (even though it is still not about REAL travel).

Following my new year's dive post, my mother rightfully called me on the fact that she DOES have an orange hat and sent me a picture of her, right before her dive, holding an "appelflap". Appelflappen (apple dumplings) are another part of Dutch new year's tradition, along with oliebollen (deep fried dough balls, literally "oilballs", sounds very healthy... but then it is the coldest part of the year...). The appleflap on the picture is home made but you can also get them from colorful street vendors who pop up every year around the holidays.

My very Dutch friend Merel who lives in Buenos Aires sent me a picture of the batch she made on New Year’s eve - an admirable exploit given the heat!

Indeed, the North sea decor of oliebollen and my mothers new year's dive contrasts quite strongly with that of our present surroundings. In The Hague, the clouds look like those of 17th century Dutch painters....

Whereas here in Buenos Aires, we had a little more light and almost tropical vegetation when we were offered a short boat trip in the Tigre Delta on the Rio de la Plata.

This picture was taken at 19.06h!

It was easy to take a second new year's dive while enjoying the view and fantasizing about living there, at least for a few days :)

What do you think of this little yellow cabin?

We could watch the sunset every evening!

Can you tell I am anxious to start moving? I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof, or "like I have a flea in my ear" (another Dutch concept!)

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