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Traveling in time, almost back to prehistory

Apparently lots of people have started making their own bread during lock-down. Our version of making bread is prehistoric outdoors cooking, in a cauldron. Alex -or is it Asterix?- has been experimenting with Hungarian goulash this past weekend and on Monday May 25th, the anniversary of Argentina's 1810 revolution, he will use the cauldron again to make "churros". "Churros con chocolate" is a traditional treat on national holidays. Alex still remembers how good the "churros con chocolate" breakfast was when he was enduring compulsory military service in 1979, compared to the plain "mate" with a piece of bread he would get on regular mornings. And luckily for him, Argentina has 2 national holidays, both in the cooler months. Personally, I don't like chocolate milk at all, hot or cold, but then I was never in the military in Argentina. But I do love churros. They remind me of my visits to Barcelona in the early years of my professional life, when I would eat them while walking down La Rambla with my Catalan colleague Montserrat.

If we can't travel in place, at least we can travel in time.

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