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Virtual Round the World trip?

The plan was (and still is) to leave early 2021. We are going around the world in a small airplane. The idea was born in Paris in April 2018 and has slowly evolved into a real project. We bought the right plane for the job, a world map for the kitchen wall, I took flying lessons, Alex got his Instrument rating license and now we are stuck. Luxury problem of course, but still stuck. I can not practice my fragile newly acquired skills and the plotting of the itinerary on the kitchen wall or more professionally in "Sky Vector" does not make much sense. When will we be able to leave? Which countries will be open? With or without quarantine? The world's plans are on serious hold and so is ours. But we persevere and, while we are not traveling, not even to the local countryside, we continue to make real preparations for our temporarily unreal trip.

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