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Delighted in Colombia

We were really looking forward to our trip in Colombia. Alex had lived in Bogota in the early 90’s and, despite the famous and infamous...

The many facets of Central America

The three- hour flight from Cozumel to San Salvador took us almost full South, through Belize and Guatemala. We started out along the...

Viva Mexico 4: Palenque and Cozumel

Among all the sites in the area, we had chosen to visit Palenque because we were told that the more famous Chitzen Itza had become a kind...

Viva Mexico-part 1 – Baja California

After Los Angeles, we continued down the Pacific Coast to Baja California, Mexico. My Mexico! The country where I spent my teenage years,...

Seaplane flying, Alex’ experience

There is nothing like flying. It is the most fun and exhilarating activity; from the moment you get in the plane and speed down the...

Alaska the Great

It’s a little strange to be writing about Alaska while sitting in Buenos Aires in the middle of a Southern hemisphere summer heatwave....

Russia part 7: Vladivostok

I am writing this post in Medellin, Colombia, and feeling a little bit ubiquitous because it is almost at the antipodes of Vladivostok....

Russia part 4: Krasnoyarsk in the smoke

On August 9th, our 9th day in Russia, we left Novosibirsk and its private Severnyy airport (UNNG) for Krasnoyarsk Severniy (UNKK). We...

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