Seaplane flying, Alex’ experience

There is nothing like flying. It is the most fun and exhilarating activity; from the moment you get in the plane and speed down the...

Alaska the Great

It’s a little strange to be writing about Alaska while sitting in Buenos Aires in the middle of a Southern hemisphere summer heatwave....

Russia part 7: Vladivostok

I am writing this post in Medellin, Colombia, and feeling a little bit ubiquitous because it is almost at the antipodes of Vladivostok....

Russia part 4: Krasnoyarsk in the smoke

On August 9th, our 9th day in Russia, we left Novosibirsk and its private Severnyy airport (UNNG) for Krasnoyarsk Severniy (UNKK). We...

Russia part 1: Arrival

Those who know me also know I love planning. It’s not just that when you plan you get more things done but also because it enhances my...

Navigating the complex UK airspace

Delighted with a wonderful 10 day stay in Iceland (which also put us on the “green list” for entry into the UK), Alex and I were ready to...

Road trip around Iceland (no flying)

Many of you have been waiting for this post and I hope you will not be too disappointed that it is not about flying but about ice and...


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