Russia part 7: Vladivostok

I am writing this post in Medellin, Colombia, and feeling a little bit ubiquitous because it is almost at the antipodes of Vladivostok....

Russia part 4: Krasnoyarsk in the smoke

On August 9th, our 9th day in Russia, we left Novosibirsk and its private Severnyy airport (UNNG) for Krasnoyarsk Severniy (UNKK). We...

Russia part 1: Arrival

Those who know me also know I love planning. It’s not just that when you plan you get more things done but also because it enhances my...

Navigating the complex UK airspace

Delighted with a wonderful 10 day stay in Iceland (which also put us on the “green list” for entry into the UK), Alex and I were ready to...

Road trip around Iceland (no flying)

Many of you have been waiting for this post and I hope you will not be too disappointed that it is not about flying but about ice and...

Super social days in Salt Lake City

Apart from traveling while many of you are in lock down and feeling very light because we sold our house and only carry 100 things each,...


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